Month: Tháng Năm 2013

Create From Your Unique Version of Source

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angel wisdom nyc

archangel_michael_by_edcamp65rhhToday, Dear Ones, I wish to inspire you to search and develop your creativity.  It is when you have found that spark within yourself, you are deeply connected to your individual connection and expression of Source Energy.  Unfortunately, it has been the prevailing teaching from other religious factions that there is only one way to reach Source, through prayer or meditation.  But that is as far from the truth, the way to your connection to Source is as unique as you are.  Physical activity of almost any kind will release stress and toxins form your body.  This is preferred due to the difficulty to connect when the body is tense and full of fear.  The practice of maintaining your physical form, as well as clearing the food your eat, is very important to this endeavor.  Just ask the Love and Light from Source to clear your food of any…

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