Know More About Orbs: Your Gateway Path To Ascension Awareness!

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Welcome Dear Reader, I’ve researched extensively into Orbs, and they are VERY fascinating!
Every orb signature is different… some are lower vibrational whilst others are very high!
Its even more fascinating when one we can tap into certain Orb energy in a photograph and use the process to further enhance OUR own spiritual growth, (via the ascension process) and to HEAL ourselves of the emotional upheaval which happens so often on Earth!
Question: What are Orbs?
Orbs are spherical “lights” or balls of energy, not visible with the naked eye, & appear on film or in photographs when a camera tunes into their frequency wave. They have variable sizes, colours, and can vary in shape! Some orbs are low vibrational energy and others are more rapid and more higher rate! 
The most common orb color is misty white!
It is known that if  the photographer who takes a photo has (at that moment in time) his/her heart open, their awareness levels expand; and they resonate in the 5dimensional frequency,
orb pictures can be taken perfectly!
The Ascended Masters & Orbs
Orbs are all around us, day and night !!!
The Ascended masters were aware of this and the Prophet Mohammed (Peace) told people that such energies were always around whether we could visibly see them or not.
This wonderful prophet encouraged everyone to raise their awareness which is one of the reasons why I wrote this post!
Also I am sure some of us have photo’s/ images of orbs and their structures.
I have become so well acquainted with orbs and I am able to see into aspects of  their detailing and meaning which is a wonderful blessing of God!
The first ever picture I  took of an orb was of my best friend years ago standing outside a Gothic church In London,
later on when i developed the film of her,
a big red dot appeared in the middle of her body,it was a huge orb! 
Red orbs indicate a very high energy present 😉
At the time I did not even know what an orb was 😀
Now I would consider myself an expert in orb detailing; thanks to the process of Divine expansion this wonder was achieved! 
This brings me to another good point,
Angelic beings can also be photographed as Orbs or lightbeings!
This is the most amazing because sometimes they want to be seen, and remembered! That is amazing!
Angels are all ALWAYS around us.
I recently found the following images far down below from Diana Cooper’s
( “Ascension Through Orbs” Findhorn Press) which is great material, and I encourage you to buy it and find more photo’s there.
They are Photo’s taken by spiritual people around the globe.

  • Every Orb in each of the photo’s below CAN encourage an activation which allows one to access the higher energies from the angelical realm, this is not necessary of course; it all depends on YOU! 
By looking at the angel orbs, you can potentially absorb the angelic light and wisdom subconsciously and assist in your spiritual growth and advancement within. See how you feel!
Have a look at the photos below ,
tell me do they have any affect on you?  
Peace !

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