The Armour of Love from Goddess Inanna

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Beyond the boundaries of all that you create for yourself I call forth the element of freedom that lives within all men and women. I call forth the monad and the bright spark of infinity that links you with eternity. Can you feel the passion and love that the divine has for you? You are loved, you know. Never doubt this truth.
I call forth and summon the true heart that dwells within you, the Shekinah that breathed life in to you at your birth and though you do not remember me, I call forth myself into your memory for I am mother and Queen of your world.
It has been some time since you have felt Holy and sacred love washing over you and I believe you really do need this right now. I ask you now to remove your armour of your disbelief in a loving and peaceful world and I provide you with the armour of love which is an armour that not only protects you from the armour of negativity but also shines my pink rays of love onto all who come into contact with you. Come on now; it is not a hard thing to do for those who truly want this. Let go; that’s it my young, let go…let go of the doubt that you are powerful enough to create a world you want to live in for know that we depend upon you and your hearts desires to design the new world that benefits all.
Envision yourself there, right now. There are no cages around you in this world, you are free and every core of your being believes this is so. There are no wars, there is no hunger, no aging that is bothersome and no disease. Just love and unity and peace for all humankind. Recognize yourself within this energy of the new world and feel your frequencies begin to rise. This is your taste of what is to be and what you can achieve. You are the children of the gods; all is possible for the believer who has faith in the power of their dreams.
So now that your mind is unlocked for this message I want to tell you that it is not long now until you experience the glory of love within your hearts for though I tell of hardships to come I also explain to you how through these hardships you gain freedom and regain your free will. We have a plan for Earth but we do not have control of your divine plans; this has to be your own design. We can help you if you ask but we cannot make the choices for you.
Let me speak to your entire essence so please, put your hand over your heart as you read this. There are coming some hard changes to your Earth existence, for all of you and you will have to be strong. Know that you will pull through these times and you will benefit from this more than you can ever lose. If you have your family and your friends, what more do you need? You lose, in truth, nothing of great value but you will have to be in a place of releasing and accepting that you have to release some things.
Material things are your chains and the value you give to them. Without the need you are not trapped in nor chained to anything. Without desire for what you want you are free as a bird. Need, on the other hand, is what will be met. You will never go without what you truly need though you may have to reevaluate what you need next to what you want.
What you are experiencing and what you will experience are Earth changes as you are within the womb of rebirth. The Earth consciousness and the Kingdom consciousness are merging nicely into a workable reality for you all. Right now you are in a state of illusion and nothing seems real but as time goes by a new system will be put into affect and your security will be cemented once again.
This isn’t a race, this isn’t a competition, but I do ask you to dedicate yourselves to your ascension process as you shall be moving into a new dimension very soon as now you are in between. How high you wish to go really depends on you. How committed are you to your soul’s evolution? Some will ascend higher than others yet you will reside within the same reality. Hard work pays off in the end.
Behind all occurrences there are reasons, and these reasons dictate to what will happen within your reality. Know that even the things that occur that seems negative are in the long run positive and are a sign of Earth changes and all are part of the divine plan. Even things that seem sad and wrong will be used as a vehicle to travel to the divine plan. All situations, even negative ones, can be used as an advantage and this same thing goes for anything that occurs in your own personal lives; something good always comes out of something ‘bad’.
Hold hands, now, as even though the future has been predicted it is still unwritten. You are the writers of destiny, both your personal destiny and your collective destiny. That is right my beloveds; you ARE part of the divine plan and in fact you are CO-creators with us and each other! Many of you already know this but to those of you who don’t I want you ask you something; isn’t that AMAZING??? Now, breathe deeply for me. More is coming for you in this message, more to learn and be prepared for.
Capture each and every moment of your day for you are living history right now. You are living times that have already past and times that are to come. But what is to come needs you to be courageous. Nanaea has been speaking to many of you of the global economic collapse and of course also the collapse of the European Union. Know that it is coming. Be ready, be prepared and most of all REMAIN CALM! This is so important for times are changing and you will be seeing your future and this future will become history for those of the future to learn. I do not tell you this with half a heart for I know there are many who will not understand and will not know what to do but there is joy that will come from this, a new structure that will be built right this time.
You know that the system that was put in place long ago was done so with the agenda to force your will and obedience. You see you felt that you had free will but you did not; you only believed that you did. As soon as you awaken to the matrix and see through it is the time you recognize that you DO have free will but it is only in the new world shall you be able to USE it!
I am embracing you all. I am holding you all to me and feeding you with my nourishing love. Be brave and above all HAVE FAITH in yourselves and the divine. The Anunnaki love you and you that I do too.

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