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Please prepare now to enter the sacred sanctum of your Gaia-Dawn Core Heart and softly merge your soul-essence with the One Core Heart.

The silence be-comes you as you ease so comfortably into that safe and warm cocoon of your Core Self once again.

This is where and when you truly can retreat into that haven of love which you know, always waits for you, when you seek relief from the outer projections of your third dimensional world.

You are the One who has taken the necessary steps to create the New Ascension Pathway into the New realm of light upon this planet. As the One committed to remain in service, as the Bodhisattva, you are greatly honored and indeed it is time to receive the new 11-11-11 Source Codes that shall assist you to activate the Source Programs of Ascension for the Gaia-Dawn Heart.

These new Source Codes are in the patterns, the designs, the symbols, the archetypal codes, the tones, the notes, the frequencies and energetic wave patterns that are offered by Spirit through Gaia-form, so we may activate them in our light bodies and prepare for the exciting new journeys that are unfolding through the terrains of our yet un-explored evolving consciousness fields of eternity.

These Source Codes offer a re-membrance, a re-connection, a re-alignment and a re-mergence with each one’s true Core Self, and trigger the awakening of many who shall sense the resonant silent sound of awakening as the Many be-come One.

The Gaia-Dawn Heart vibrates with the subtle frequencies that pulse out in ever increasing waves of golden mean love spirals, and the process accelerates the Gaia-Dawn Love Frequency to in-ternity.

Thought intention with love:
Activate the Gaia-Dawn Heart Love Light Body
Activate the Pulse of Gaia-Dawn Love Frequency to In-ternity…..

As you spend time in deep contemplation, you are drawn deep into the inner realms of Gaia-Light that you have co-created upon beloved Earth.

With every breath pulse of love you take, you expand Gaia-Light from your One Core Heart out to the visible universe, and re-inforce the New Gaia-dimension of Love that is so tangible and visible around you.

Let your pulse of love spiral out in swirling frequency waves that move right into the core of every particle of the third density and spin them into Gaia-Light.

Remain in the core space within your heart-soul that still moves deeper into the stillness where you reach the crystal 11-11-11 doorway to the Source heart.

You now receive the Source code frequencies of New Gaia-Dawn Light. These Source codes are preparatory archetypes that are embedded in the evolving patterns of creation that remain coiled within the Gaia-Dawn Seed of Life and from these shall spring forth the New Gaia-Tree of Life, the New Gaia-Flower of Love, and thenceforth, the New Gaia-Light (Fruit of Light).
As the initiated Gaia-Dawn Hearts receive into their being, these new keys of New Life, multiple inner doors open and a new Pathway opens up that draws you into the truth of what you choose to manifest upon this earth. You begin to receive the 11-11-11 Source Codes that assist you in your multi-dimensional tasks of love.

The New Gaia-Source Portal Key Code:
You now receive the New Gaia-Source Portal Key Code that is a multi-vibrational symbol once again containing within it the ancient-new wisdom frequencies of life-evolution-ascension. It has the potential to open many inner dimensional pathways to Source Heart and beyond. You as the Gaia-Dawn Heart prepare to receive the crystal frequencies of the new Gaia-Star and activate them within your light body to continue your divine service of assisting the collective consciousness to elevate to higher levels of excellence.

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